Little Man Cave

Little Man is adjusting remarkably well to his new room, new home, and new neighborhood outside a new town. (Oregon friends, Belgrade is to Bozeman as Keizer is to Salem.)

He never ceases to amaze us.

We credit all success in this arena to the sage insight of wise parents who graciously advised us in preparing him, ahead of time, for the transition.

This weekend some new neighbors came over to introduce themselves. They have three little boys and a girl just younger than our two. Little Man beamed with pride when he showed the one closest to his age his “new room!”

Though he has climbed into bed with us in the wee hours each night since we’ve be here, he has gone to sleep without protest each time, and we count that as success for someone who has never slept in a room by himself until now.

Here’s a quick peekaboo into his new space, his Little Man Cave…




We still have to finish the model airplanes we bought (ahem, a year ago) to hang above his bed, and I’m sure we’ll make some adjustments as we settle in, but for now Little Man seems to love his new space.


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