This will be brief, as we have our homestudy social worker coming for our one year post placement visit* tonight.

Can you believe it? It’s almost been a full year since we became a family of five!

The kiddos are enjoying frequent breaks from their studies to play in the backyard, which is giving me a chance to maniacally clean the house– because: social worker.

can you spy at least four critters?
“look, mom, i’m carrying maple syrup like farmer boy!” (little house series)
little man’s new bff, our new next-door pal has his own miniature four wheeler he zips around their property
it surely freaked out his mother, but i squealed with delight and asked to take a pic of her feet upon spying her crocs. her chuckling reponse? “i don’t care what everyone says, i still love them.” um yes.
“my do!”
two different neighbors had kites floating on the warm breeze, this weekend. little man exclaimed, “tikki tembo… and chang!” (recalling the kite the boys fly in the book tikki tikki tembo), and we crashed their party.


“When I grow up I’m going to be a mommy, and a mermaid, and a hair designer, and a pop star.” -Center Sister

Here’s hoping Big Sis refrains from informing the social worker that, “Daddy made me watch the movie Jaws.” this time…

*China requires regular post-placement reports for all international adoptions, 12 months being the last to be written by a licensed social worker.



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