Spring Ahead

Perhaps it was last week’s daylight savings, or perhaps the abundance of scurrying prairie dogs spying their shadows; whatever the reason, spring seems to have arrived early here in Montana.

The frozen pond behind our house has thawed. The birds have returned and are chirping incessantly.

It reminds me of my all-time favorite song, my heartbeat song, Lover’s Concerto by The Toys:

How gentle is the rain
that falls softly on the meadow?
Birds, high up in the trees,
serenade the clouds with their melodies…

Spring is the time for fresh air, long walks, short-sleeved hoodies, and petting baby critters…

with the mountain of earth no longer frozen solid, our builder completed the final grading of our property. little man was obsessed w/the tractor.
sneaking a closer peek after the operator left for the day
it was a tragic mass prairie dog genocide, as they were all surely buried alive in their dens 🙁
nature walk w/friends
spied a friendly horsey
polishing toes with our oldest. the almost-ten-year-old selected my youthful sparkles
the pond behind our house, which i have dubbed salamasond
this is for Valerie, who loves my crocs so much that i might have to send her a pair for her birthday next december
courting mallards in salamasond
we visited some friends’ amazing ranch/farm, where we were greeted by their friendly goats. i might buy one and just tell the home-owners’ association it’s a dog.
and they breed bunnies!
THIS is a genuine smile
we scooted over to their pastures where their heifers were actively calving, in britney spears lap-baby style
left ear tag, it’s a girl
heaven help me, i want to move to a ranch now
this lil’ fella was brand new, and we watched as his new chum was also born
i’m now convinced we need to add ducks, bunnies, cows, and goats to our funny farm

It will likely snow again, but I’m determined to enjoy these present days that the Lord has made.