Sick & Tired

A great, big, nasty tummy bug descended upon our household during the wee hours, last night, and ransacked the place.

I don’t know about you, but when our precious toddler is for once sleeping soundly, the LAST thing I want to be found doing is stripping beds, starting laundry, bathing children, and combing regurgitated dinner from their hair.

Fun times.

poor baby goose

Quarantined  to the floor next to our bed. A friend once told me when her kiddos are sick she fixes them a nest in their master bedroom bathtub. The inevitable mess is contained, easily cleaned, and the kiddo is close to their parents. Genius.

We took a furlough from schoolwork, and I went ahead and finally started packing with Big Sis- who thus far remains symptom free.

cartoons ad nauseam, pun intended


all books, and there’s still more

I counted twenty-one Bibles this morning, not including any of the kids’ copies.

Big Sis asked, “Mom, why don’t you get rid of some of these books?”

Ummm… these books are my friends, Sweet Child. Back off.

being sick isn’t all bad


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