Busy Moms Do Piano



You’d never know it now, but I took weekly piano lessons for ten years of my childhood. I quit as a teen to focus on cheerleading (what??), and the powers that be promptly traded the family piano for a pool table.

Today, I can scarcely plink out Hot Cross Buns, and am hardly a help to the girls when they get stuck practicing their own lessons.

I’m of the camp that everyone should learn basic piano, the gateway drug instrument of the music world and the only reason I can read music and keep time today. When we recently overhauled the girls’ extra-curricular schedule to foster a more tranquil home-school life (ie. not spend the bulk of most days in the sexy minivan), piano lessons were one of two activities to survive the culling.


My friend Carly is an accomplished pianist and teacher, and in theory I could resume lessons with her– but where on earth would a busy home-schoolin’ mom like m’self find the time??

Lucky for me and you, she’s developed an online program for just such moms!

I’ve enrolled in her virtual classes, hopeful to rekindle my musical love affair after a stagnant twenty year hiatus. I’ll go at my own pace, on my own schedule, likely unshowered and sporting pajamas.

Busy Moms Do Piano is an affordable online subscription of  $14.95/month, but Teacher Carly is offering a pre-launch special wherein you can lock in at a reduced rate of $9.95! The lessons are 3 – 6 minutes long, which is the precise duration that I can distract Little Man with Legos before he requires a survey of his engineering.

Join me in learning piano in 2016! To quote Teacher Carly, “Do something for yourself!” 


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