Cheers to 40 years! (ode to my better-half)



Cheers to the one who regularly fills my gas tank, who routinely replaces the head of my toothbrush, who brings home the bacon and fries it up, too. Here’s to the guy who bags groceries, unclogs drains, balances the checkbook, and files the taxes. He’s the one who makes me snort-cackle with endless inside jokes and expands my universe as guide to the vast realm of science-fiction & high-fantasy. He speaks to me in fluent shorthand, seemingly adept at reading my mind.

Husband turned 40 yesterday, and we had a Covid-themed celebration for him. It may have been the lamest birthday on record (well, it’s perhaps better than the year we went deep-sea fishing and barfed our guts out the entire day) but we enjoyed being together and honoring the husband/daddy that we are SO grateful is ours. 

Still whittling away at home-improvement projects while social-isolating at home, he jokes he got gutters and new tires (on MY Jeep, bless him) for his birthday this year. *womp womp*

Striving to hit every love language, the kids & I also decided to each share 10 things we love about him (totaling 40) at dinner:

From Firstborn: 1) He is nice. 2) He is very generous. 3) He can be goofy sometimes, which is fun. 4) He is a really good listener. 5) He works really really hard for us. 6) He cooks for us every night. 7) He takes us fun places. 8) He is understanding. 9) He loves video games like me. 10) He encourages us to pursue what we love.

From Center Sister: 1) We both like coffee and going to Dutch Bros together. 2) Let us get another guinea pig. 3) Built our bunnies a playpen. 4) Got me a ballet barre and built a separate floor for it. 5) Bought us a big new house with our own rooms. 6) Surprised us with our own Switches when we cleaned the yard. 7) Made my Wii cool by hacking it. 8) Let me get my own phone. 9) Surprised us with a foosball table. 10) Gave me my own skateboard like Audrey.

From Litte Man: 1) works hard 2) buys video games for me 3) plays video games with me 4) fixes a lot of things 5) buys movies for us 6) buys a lot of board games for us 7) takes us to sushi 8) took me camping for my birthday 9) gets me Legos 10) makes yummy food

From me: 1) You’re determined & ambitious, you try your best at everything. 2) Wicked smaht. 3) Clever & witty, make me laugh every day. 4) You’re strong– physically AND in your character/convictions. 5) Taught, round buttocks. (quote from Shrek) 6) You are brave, always up for an adventure! 7) You’ve not a single lazy bone in your body, you’re diligent & dedicated, productive, helpful, & creative. 8) Blue-ribbon smoocher. 9) Patient, steadfast, & self-controlled– not ruled by emotion but a Spirit-filled man. 10) Kind & respectful to everyone, everyone respects you.

hilarious gag from some friends

Happy birthday, McLovin’… I’m so glad you were born.


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