Culture Club

We were served a generous helping of our son’s rich Chinese culture today. Though it obviously wasn’t our main motivator in bringing them, I’m thankful to have our girls along for this incredible opportunity to see a unique region of the world.

We spent another full day in Beijing with our travel group today, three more adoptive families from our agency joining our ranks. (For those counting it brings our total to nine.) And what a fantastic group they are! In addition to the five families from the south, we now have a family from Indiana, one from Nebraska, and one from northern California, each on the cusp of meeting their children. It’s a blessing to be in the company of like-minded people who truly understand why you’re completely crazed, and sometimes inexplicably morph into a giddy, hopping maniac at the realization that you’ll finally get to meet your son IN TWO DAYS.

That’s right, two days! Tomorrow, we board an early flight to Zhengzhou. The following day we will meet our boy. ((at that, let us enjoy a moment of revered silence please))

Here are some of today’s best snapshots:

the Great Wall


IMG_4190 holy quadriceps, we’re going to be sore

the bustling street food market, look closely at the unique offerings




Aren’t these the most darling dumplings that you ever did see?
nearly all of the street food is served on a stick because the Chinese consider it rude- and downright unsanitary- to eat with your hands


there were also seahorses and tarantulas on sticks, but we opted for candied strawberries, handmade dumplings, and green tea ice cream




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