Desperate Housewife

Lest you believe our home-life to be a constant stream of rainbows and lollipops, I thought I would clear some things up today…

Mother’s day had me up before 6am cleaning human waste off of our floors while the offender in question simultaneously vomited on my head.

Just another day in paradise.

I have personally been rocking an infected tear duct for just shy of a week now. I have named her Jezebel. She’s adorable. Google tells me common causes are stress and sleep deprivation.


I’m a mom. I home-school. I cloth diaper.

photo 2 (21)
Little Man is aghast that I would dare take away the glob of chicken poop that he intended to consume.
photo 1 (24)
Our middle child ran full speed, blindfolded, into the backyard trampoline. She was pretending to be a blind Grecian Bard, like Homer.
photo 1 (22)
every day is pajama day at our school
photo 3 (17)
fortissimo, in the grocery store… though he favored the upper falsetto octaves of his vocal range that day, I suspect he is actually more of a baritone

photo (53)

We are so tired. Some things that are challenging, of late: Car rides. Now that Little Man has had a taste of freedom from hours within the confines of metal crib bars, any apparatus that restrains him (e.g. a carseat) is received less than favorably. Our family’s favorite pastime: Car rides. Fun times. We are once again considering in earnest the merits of sound-proof glass much like the variety that taxi-cabs employ. I kid. 

Mostly, things look like this:

photo 3 (25)
our oldest is an outstanding big sister
photo 4 (11)
our middle child, the delightful sprite
photo 4 (13)
there is something inherently adorable about babies in swim goggles
photo 1 (25)
our oldest saved up her birthday money and bought herself a custom cruiser, our middle-child remains queen of the photo bomb
photo 1 (28)
little man’s first flip-flops
photo 2 (25)
bird watching

photo 1 (27)

photo 4 (14)
always thankful for sunshine, though we woke to a light dusting of snow again this morning

photo 4 (15)

photo 4 (12)
ignition off, don’t fret

photo 2 (23)

photo 3 (22)

photo 3 (21)

Being a mom is not always a picnic, but it is still just THE BEST. I can’t explain it. My daily “desperation” keeps my ego in check and my reliance on God. If I am to be a Desperate Housewife, may it be one who is desperate for His continual, sovereign grace.



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  1. My husband and I like to dream about installing a “cone of silence” around certain children in our vehicle. 😉

    1. Hahahaha awesome, Libbe!

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