Fall Y’all

We’re having an unseasonably warm and wonderous fall. A born and bred Oregonian, I actually adore romantic, gloomy gray days sprinkled with intermittent rain-showers, but even the most passionate pluviophile can appreciate temperate blue skies and organic vitamin D pro bono.

deciduous kaleidoscope

prettiest small-town church belltower that ever there was

We recently gathered chestnuts from a local park, one of our fave fall pastimes. Complimentary fall decor! (we don’t eat them)

plus they’re so fun to stomp from the seed pods that fall to the ground amidst the foliage
a visiting Ohioan informed us they’re also called ‘buckeyes’

First foray into the pumpkin patch. We’ll be back. 

Additional fallish fun: 

for a niece of the same name (spelled correctly, even!)
husband hand-chopped this gorgeous pico de gallo w/freshly harvested tomatoes
feline huntress captured another snake and brought it indoors, alive
husband went to an NFL game and we cheered from home

some stinker snuck this spooky critter on my bat-loving much older sister’s front door

Fallish book recommends: 

The Gospel Comes with a House Key – Recommended in another launch team, this one is blowing my frickin’ socks right off. REALLY profound. I highly recommend it, and I’m only on chapter four. The preface alone had me busting out the highlighter. I’m actually glad the library didn’t have it, because now I own it and will certainly refer back to it often.

The Penderwicks in Spring – The fourth book in the series we’re loving. 3 of 4 Penderwicks books have made this mama cry whilst reading aloud, but this one had me gulping for air in chapter one. Still, so good. We adore this series.

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