The following are ten random, tangible blessings that are keeping me afloat lately; though this list is certainly not exhaustive…

1. Two words: Creamer frother. The most unassuming little gizmo arrived alongside my Nespresso machine and I almost dismissed the saintly ditty upon unboxing; but thank you, Jesus! I didn’t because it elevates plain ol’ milk or creamer atop any variation of coffee, giving homebrew unparalleled dimension and depth. I don’t always make espresso for my morning cuppa but I always, always froth my creamer.

2. Halloween prep – FINE, I’m ridiculous; but I relish dress-up bigly and truly delight in how the whole family gets in on the action. Our kids have two costumes each and I’M NOT EVEN SORRY. You do you and I’ll costume my kids, capisce?

any guesses?

How ’bout a Halloween throwback, just because:

3. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Netflix) Color me OBSESSED. The casual banter and coffee are great, obvs, but the biggest delight and surprise has been the vintage vehicles Jerry (Seinfeld) matches to his guests and the passionate descriptions of each. This show will make a car enthusiastic out of anyone simply via nostalgia.

4. Frivolous celebrity memoirs –like Gisele Bundchen’s— they temper the meaty nonfiction I’m also always reading. #balance (Also presently awaiting Ellie Kemper’s, Tina Turner’s, Busy Philipps’, & Jackie Chan’s on our library wait list.)

5. MLB or NFL at a reasonable volume. I’m typically a gal who can’t STAND having the television on (Who needs extra noise? Not I said the fly.) but there’s something soothing about the sound of the game on in the background of our daily family life, it’s like white noise.

6. Fab fall foliage– because if I’m going to be in my Jeep all day shuttling children to and from activities, at least I also get to enjoy the scenery.

7. Brave Writer podcast; sensei Julie Bogart’s enchanted spin on home-education inspires and revives me. I listen and re-listen to each episode as this is basically all I can stand to hear when I’m driving hither and yon to aforementioned kids’ activities.

8. My man. Amidst a plethora of other talents, I’m embarrassed to confess he cooks approx. 95% of our meals these days (don’t pity him, sheesh, he loves it & I did for years) and often forfeits his own lunch breaks to aid in the taxiing of children. I feel so incredibly supported and grateful that he works from home as I for sure wouldn’t be the mom/teacher/human I am without his partnership. He’s traveling for work this week and it’s no small miracle I’m rowing this boat in his absence.

9. Mayan Cacao [hot chocolate] courtesy of my mom, who just returned from Machu Picchu. She also brought me back a beautifully hand-woven table runner, alongside a snapshot of the gifted artisan who crafted it, whereupon receipt I promptly swooned.

10. House of Huckleberry lifestyle magazine & community. I was stoked to contribute an article for an upcoming issue (stay tuned) as their mission is one I can readily champion: “An inclusive, honest, empowering space where you can flourish together with us.” “Huckleberries are a resilient, reliable, sweet-with-an-edge, humble fruit. Just like us.” 

What’s saving YOUR life right now? 

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