For Gramps

I hit the Grandpa jackpot. My grandfather’s an honest, patient, even-keeled man. A stoic, hard-working son of Depression-era farmers, he’s the unwavering, unglitzy foundation of my extended family.


It’s a shame I’m pretty much his opposite, the only traits apparently passed down prescribe my blue eyes, hairy arms, and love of a bargain. Still, I’m grateful he modeled an ideal father and husband, as somehow I managed to nab me a man who boasts the lion’s share of Gramps’ best virtues.

Though I missed Grandparents Day again this year, I’m grateful to now live close enough to make regular visits to his memory care unit in a senior living center. The compassionate caregivers who tend to his daily needs registered a team for a local Walk 4 Alzheimer’s and my step-mom rallied the troops to champion the cause.

Last weekend we raised money, helped raise awareness, and on the last sunny morning of summer we set out and walked in Gramps’ honor. 

Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.


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