In addition to immersing in all things Lucy Maude Montgomery, I’m presently reading classic Judy Blume tomes with Little Man and he is all about Farley Drexel Hatcher– aka Fudge.

The only thing better than a good book is a good book series!

It’s precious to revisit characters I grew up with and introduce them to my own kids. We read while he munches breakfast, in between school lessons, while we wait in the car for busy sisters, and of course at bedtime. Simple, fun activities and treats keep my beginning reader engaged in the story.

Purchased some gummy turtles online so Little Man could (spoiler!) swallow one like Fudge does to Peter’s poor pet, Dribble. 

‘Tis best to nibble a bit of fudge whilst reading Fudge.

Whipping up some Mitzi Monster Spray.

And penning a custom book in the spirit of ‘Tell Me a Mitzi’ & ‘Tell Me a Fudge’.

Counting out precisely two hundred Cheerios at breakfast, just like Fudge.

loved this spin-off with many of the same characters

Next up’s Blume’s additional classic, Freckle Juice, though not from the same series. What are you reading? How do you engage your beginning readers? 


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