Hard Knock Life

Back in January, Firstborn was thrilled to land a role in another local theatre production– this time the musical classic, Annie. She was cast as French maid, Annette, servant to Daddy Warbucks. I gotta tell you, it blessed me to see her in that role, cleaning compulsively. I told her she could “rehearse” around the house whenever she liked.

After two rigorous weeks of productions, they wrapped the final show late Saturday night. These kids (and their tireless directors) worked intensely for months, and their efforts showed. We are proud of our talented, brave daughter.

that’s her, stage left

“The silk sheets, I think; no, the satin.”

Even my antique radio, a cherished heirloom from my grandfather, had a teensy “speaking” part in the show.

My favorite part of any live production? Curtain call. After the whole cast takes their bows in character and raise their arms together, in unison, one last time you can see them collectively sigh and transform back into themselves, become kids again, exhausted and proud from their efforts onstage. It’s magical.

Husband and I are so grateful for this outstanding, godly-run theatre troupe and the fruits it’s borne in our precious, growing girl.


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