Garden Party



How’s a family to bless a hip Grandma on her birthday when it seems she’s already got everything she needs? Why, slave labor in the garden, of course!

Our fearsome “inmate crew” descended upon Grandma Tina’s garden bearing flowers, seeds, bark, sustenance, and gumption aplenty. BYOS[shovels]

birthday girl

We couldn’t have ordered better weather– it was sunny and warm, and the rains the day prior had softened the ground for us. Oregon really is the best at Spring.

The kiddos also crafted a mosaic stepping stone with their Grandma, to reside there in her garden and remind her of this special day.

her pal Edward the earthworm


After working up an appetite we trekked to the nearby food carts for a celebratory lunner (lunch + dinner = lunner; see also: brunch). We each chose our favorite and shared bites from the culinary cornucopia.

We were hesitant to beautify things TOO much, as ultimately we’re hopeful they’ll move across town to join our modern commune. Still, it was fun to break a sweat together for so deserving a loved one. And, inadvertently, we’ve just given her home marketable curb-appeal that COULD make it easier to sell… chew on THAT, birthday girl!


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