Gingerbread Merriment, version 8.0

I know, I know– you’re all,“Not another thing! We want a simple holiday– no more things!” 

I get it. Our Christmas used to be crazy-busy, too. (…and then we moved a thousand miles away from extended family.) But, if your family is like mine, with the compatible combo of socially ravenous home-school kids, a window of time for a quick get-together, and a gaggle of friendly neighbor kids, then this easy soiree is JUST the one to add to your holiday repertoire.

i would totally live here.

Trust me, this party is simple, simple simple…

Here’s all it takes:

  • pre-assemble houses (graham crackers & melted granulated sugar “glue”; helpful tips here), so kids can focus on decorating vs. engineering
  • prepare vat o’ frosting (recipe here)
  • slap a cheap plastic tablecloth down for easy cleanup (or borrow the neighbor’s dog)
  • heat pot of apple cider on stovetop (or crockpot), set out cups & ladle*
  • welcome guests who each provide a small bag of candy to share, for variety
  • let kiddos go bananas embellishing their abodes whilst ingesting copious quantities of candy

Eight years in to this fun tradition, we annually adapt to our circumstances to maintain simplicity and peace without sacrificing merriment…

The year before we moved to Montana we had rented out our house and were temporarily living in a tiny condo– so we hosted the party in a rec room at our church.

New to Montana and prior to homeschooling, we once took the party to the girls’ respective school classrooms. (One teacher has continued the fun tradition ever since, calling me each year for my mom’s royal icing recipe.)

This year and last we simply invited over neighborhood kids.

Gingerbread men frosting cups found here, years ago, reused annually.

*candy makes the decorators especially thirsty, if you don’t put something out to drink it won’t keep them from asking
cinnamon sticks, star anise, and a few orange slices make store bought apple juice extra fancy
there are healthier options out there, such as these organic gummies i found at smith’s. you can also put out baking chips, marshmallows, or shredded coconut (snow!) for “less bad” alternatives. be creative!

All is merry and bright!


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  1. I promise it is, and you totally should!

  2. You made this seem so simple! So simple, in fact, I’m debating altering our neighborhood kid/mommy sledding party to include this once the kiddos get too cold…

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