A Charlie Brown Christmas

Apparently we jumped the gun in procuring a live Christmas tree, this year. With five days remaining until Jesus’ birthday, ours was dead as a highly combustible doornail.

Ebeneezer Handsome Husband insisted we remove the fire hazard, replacing it with our faux fir and relocating the dehydrated skeleton to the back porch. O tannenbaum!

conifer walk of shame

Piano Teacher’s hockey-playing husband groomed the frozen pond behind our house, so we dug out our trusty skates and took to the ice.

firstborn actually outgrew her skates and had to borrow mom’s
center sister was not keen to venture onto the ice without mom to lean on
little man was content to dig around in the snow

As is our custom, we honored Saint Nicholas in a more European fashion, simply setting out the kids’ boots on the eve of his saint day, reading and discussing him December 6th…

chocolate coins inside
our favorite book about jolly ol’ st. nick

…but we still enjoyed visiting real reindeer at the local farm store. Because, REINDEER! 

In case there was ever any question (there wasn’t) that our neighbors are the absolute best, they decorated the windows that face our house just for our three pint-sized stinkers.

Firstborn bought Garfield an ugly christmas sweater. He loves it.

Did you correctly guess the Christmas card template that we chose from Minted? There’s still time to order New Year’s greetings if you didn’t get cards out and want to make it look intentional. Enter code: SHIPNYE at checkout to get free expedited shipping.

We tried to make some coco-krispie treats, but you’ll recall I’m not a baker. #nailedit

And in case you missed it, see our super fun (and ridiculously simple) Gingerbread house decorating party in this post.

for giggles, see where i discovered the graham crackers for the gingerbread houses that i searched for for just shy of a full hour

Good grief, I love Christmas!


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  1. Funny you should mention that, I ALMOST didn’t include that shot because my oven is so gross!

  2. You’re lucky! If it were me, my graham crackers would be a melted plastic charred mess on the bottom of my already disgraceful oven (which we made public to the world in our cast iron seasoning post) #whoops!

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