Girls’ Getaway

Recently I was grateful to sneak away for an adventure and rest-filled girls’ trip to Central Oregon with Handsome Husband’s sister and mother. At the suggestion of my youngest brother who once worked there as a poolside waiter, we stayed at Pronghorn Resort; and even though we might’ve been the only non-golfing patrons present, we still had a fabulous time.

Our room was a cozy oasis, with views to the horizon of the high desert and bordering mountain range– but we spent the bulk of our time sipping cocktails on the deck of the adults-only pool.

We did enjoy a couple thrilling adventures, including an electric scooter (and bike) excursion and a golf-cart tour that featured a spelunking trek into the subterranean bowels of a lava tube.

Mostly, it was just a good time with a couple of great gals; we’re already conspiring about our next getaway together.


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