Wolf Pack

This summer’s been a weird one, with limitations on where, when, and how we can travel, but I think our family’s done a fine job of adventuring within the metes of those restrictions and storing up a whole host of fun memories despite them.

Together with our extended family, we recently zipped up to the Great Wolf Lodge (a waterpark in neighboring Washington state) for two days of waterslides, wave pools, and general kumbaya with our wiley wolfpack.

The trek north reminded us of past annual trips through Washington to Vancouver Island, Canada; we aim to make the journey a part of the adventure– the merriment needn’t wait ’til arrival at a destination.

The kids were all great ages for this variety of adventure –competent swimmers, bold enough for scary slides– but Grandma & Papa put us all to shame with their delight for the most thrilling twists and turns, dips and drops. PS – I’m still sore from climbing those stairs.

The older I get the more I’m convinced that making memories is less about the “what and where” and more about the “with whom.” I’m grateful for this wacky wolf-pack.


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