Good News

I had a surprise visitor last night.

Another sweet Sister from my weekly Adoptive Moms group showed up at my door unexpectedly, bearing good news… and a picture.

For those of you who have gone before us in the adoption journey, you know what this means: Referral.

We screamed, we cried, I may have jumped, and we gawked over the precious child that God chose as her family’s.

For an adoptive family, that phone call & picture is essentially the equivalent of this:

positive test

Now here’s the amazing thing with this family. Once their dossier (dah-see-yay) paperwork was submitted and they were officially “waiting” for their child match (referral), my dear sister began fervently praying that they would get their phone call on her husband’s birthday. It was a brazen, specific prayer request. We prayed along with them, all the while knowing that God’s will is sovereign- and sometimes, he says no.

Some Christians take issue with pleading boldly for specifics from God, but you need only dust off your Bible to see that He welcomes our earnest petitions. Isaac plead with God on behalf of his barren wife, Rebekah. He opened her womb and blessed them with twins. (Genesis 25:21) After God chose him, Moses begged God for a helper in confronting Pharaoh. He appointed Moses’ brother, Aaron, to aid him. (Exodus 6:28-7:2) The entire book of Psalms is filled with candid supplication to God, most of which are said to have been penned by King David who prayed for the life of his infant child. Most notably, on the eve of His crucifixion, Jesus Himself prayed “in agony” that God might “take this cup away”, all the while submitting to God’s sovereign authority and perfect plan. (Luke 22:39-46)

This time, God said yes. Today is her husband’s birthday. Yesterday, when they got The Call, it was already “today” in Ethiopia.
God is in the details and He is good.



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