Good Things

For years, my dear Auntie-in-law blessed me with a subscription to Martha Stewart’s Living magazine. As a bumbling new home-maker, I looked forward to it’s monthly arrival in my mailbox with eager anticipation.

Without fail, the highlight of every issue was the 1-2 page collection of Good Things; abbreviated little excerpts, ideas, or items carefully curated for beauty, simplicity, and practicality.

Nowadays, many bloggers similarly post regular round-ups of a few of their favorite things*… helpful or inspiring retail treasures that they feel compelled to share with their readers.

*raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

As yesterday was my birthday, I thought I’d do something similar for all y’all…

handsome husband gifted me this lovely french press, to up my daily coffee game. it rocks– and so does he.

(source: Amazon, Kitchen Supreme)

after learning of my newfound zeal for birding (inspired in part by a new favorite film, The Big Year), my mom sent the book & bird call CD. money sent from other family went to the new binos.

(source: Sportsman Warehouse, Alpen)

We spent my actual birthday up at the nearby reservoir, trying to beat the heat. We scorched ourselves (not the kids) in the abundant sunshine, playing and picnicking on the water for hours before hiking to a waterfall.

we scooped up this paddle board from Costco this week for an astonishing $379– seriously a steal of a deal
the kids bought this beginner kayak there recently, also, with some of their own birthday money

(source: Costco stores and online)




bestie christy sent me these darling manatee socks, which firstborn keeps swiping
we adore this brand, sock it to me, they are very well made with all kinds of whimsical designs. these are firstborn’s plesiosaurs

(source: Sock It To Me)

firstborn found it unfair that center sister got a mermaid swim coverup, so I took to etsy to find something similar with a manatee

source: (Etsy shop, Zen Threads)

firstborn has also been rocking this awesome coon-skin Davey crockett cap that we picked up on our last adventure to jellystone. I love her.
100 degrees outside and no AC? no problem! she still sports the cap 24/7

(source: Yellowstone National Park Gift Shop)

center sister recently spied this snappy summer bag at barnes and noble, and bought it with her own money, as it’s decidedly “mermaid”

(source: Barnes & Noble summer tote offer)

and one of her favorite oregonians sent her this mermaid necklace in the mail

Another Good Thing…


bunnies & guinea pigs get along like peas & carrots

Two final Good Things that arrived recently are my friend/former neighbor‘s twin baby boys. I shared about them here, when they were secret buns cooking away in her oven. She let me hold them both when I popped in to drop off an Edible Arrangement this week, but I failed to sneak away with one without her noticing.

Good Things seldom come from a store… but on occasion, they do.

*** No disclaimer needed as I’m not cool enough to figure out how to acquire sponsored posts, these are all my seldom humble, never swayed opinions. 🙂


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