Home Sweet Money Pit

Last week I referenced the classic 1980’s comedy The Burbs, in regards to our Radical Ranch Remodel, but this week I’ve got another timeless Tom Hanks film foremost on my mind:

Perhaps it’s the Realtor in me, but I just adore this film– along with the Chevy Chase classic, ‘Funny Farm,’ which details the most over-the-top home-staging-to-sell scheme in the history of ever. I digress. Here are some recent “in progress” pics of our own Money Pit, aka the Radical Ranch Remodel.

Exterior before:

so, so, so glad we opted to start over on the siding versus just paint over the old
praise God from whom all Parr Lumber blessings flow…
electrician, siding crew, flooring guys, exterminator, & AC tech all out again today

Studly Husband & some rando neighbor (I jest, it’s my much older sister’s generous husband) went all Bruce Banner on the brick, thus settling once and for all the conundrum of whether or not to paint it– ha!

Husband’s office (where the magic happens) before: Drop ceiling, dorky fluorescent light, gross old carpet, strange interior window overlooking bonus room, devoid of exterior window

window into office from bonus room

We closed up the interior window, took out the drop ceiling (why were these ever even a thing?), installed a new fan/light, tore out the stinky carpet, and installed an exterior window. Fourth bedroom status– check!

extra exterior door and interior window into office, before
extra exterior door removed from bonus room
same space, closed up
interior window and extra exterior door removal complete (they used to be to the left & right of that corner where genius husband set up a gaming station for the kids in the one complete room of the house, for when they fizzle on DIYing home repairs)

Husband got a running start and took out the standard issue 70’s shelf/window with his shoulder, like an offensive lineman, while I cheered him on from the sidelines.

exterior on the left, interior on the right


Firstborn taking out carpet strips with a crowbar, I remember doing the same at her age for a rental house my Grandparents were getting ready to sell.

Center Sister painting trim.

Ikea & Home Depot on repeat.

This renovation brought to you by the blood, sweat, and tears of Handsome Husband and m’self.

A great big shout out of sincerest thanks to my dear friend Suzie, who has the keenest artistic eye and knack for all things home… she graciously advised me on interior colors & flooring and didn’t bat an eye when I blatantly copied her on the exterior. Floors are “Warm Gray Oak” Pergo, walls are Worldly Gray with Snowbound trim, and exterior to be “Dovetail” with “Creamy” trim and “Little Black Dress” (<–to the delight of Audrey Hepburn-obsessed Firstborn) on the doors.

A glimmer of the goodness yet to come…

That’s it for now, we’ve accomplished a tremendous amount but everything is still kind of in limbo. Why does it always look worse before it looks better? This week has been mostly flooring, siding, and air-conditioning because we aren’t martyrs and know our limitationsAlso: We are acclimatized to the Montana tundra and are re-calibrating to the pollen capitol of the world, oye! After the flooring is finished we move in– hurrah! Stay tuned for what’s certain to be a gratuitous helping of “after” pics.



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