Last week was exhausting. Too exhausting to try and document until now.

In addition to core studies at home, I regularly shuttle the critters to speech therapy, piano, flute, general music, art class, PE, 4-H, and Awanas. I try my best to consolidate all of that into three days of driving, to protect our “at home” time, but last week classes were cancelled and shuffled around…

The band teacher requested extra practices. The 5th graders had a field trip. Library books were due.

The girls had school pictures taken (yay!) but had to be showered, blow-dried, in town, present, accounted for, fed, and smiley by 8am. (boo, we don’t do alarm clocks. #homeschoolproblems)

Firstborn rocked a presentation to her monthly 4-H group and Center Sister provided snacks. We forgot it was Parent Night at Awanas and had to sacrifice date night.

The girls wrapped up one cat-sitting gig and secured another. Our own alpha kitty presented Firstborn two voles for her half-birthday, bringing her season total up to 27.

If this is home school, I have no idea how all my traditional-schooling friends do it. #respect

This week, I’m hitting the pause button. It helps that Sexy Minivan is in the shop for several days, positively marooning us. We’ll be putting the finishing touches on both Halloween and Harvest [Awanas] costumes, and may not leave the house at all.

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husband took all this…
…and made this. because he’s a stud like that.


FullSizeRender (25)


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