Fry Night: A Cautionary Tale

Consider this post a warning to my Oregon friends who also know my (much older) sister, Bethany…

Should she and her husband invite you over for “fry night”, my advice is to bow out gracefully. Actually, run– escape while you still can, lest they ensnare you in their web of deep-fried goodness. Once your eyes have been opened to the wonder that is Fry Night, there is no turning back.

Cameron and Bethany are responsible for no less than half a dozen of their friends purchasing their own deep fryers, and for their expanding waistlines …

They regularly invite over unassuming guests, with the simple instruction, “bring something to fry”, then spend the evening dropping ingredients like they’re hot into bubbling vats of oil. While staying with them last weekend during our Oregon adventure we were innocently and irrevocably turned to the Dark Side by way of fried mushrooms, asparagus, jalapenos, cheese, pickles, steak strips, and even… snickers bars.

I know. Don’t judge. It sounds gross, but YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.


Husband and I were just the most recent in a long line of hapless victims who’ve fallen prey to their deep fried scheming. We are now the proud ashamed owners of our very own deep fryer here in Montana. Any and all weight gain henceforth is the direct result of my sister’s recklessness.

We will do our best to keep from spreading this rampant epidemic to the good people of Montana, but can’t make any promises… everything is better deep fried.


recipe for homemade fry batter:

1/2C flour, 1/4C cornstarch, 1 tsp ea. of baking soda, salt, paprika & garlic powder (whisk)

1/2C+1tbs water, 1 egg, 1tbs cooking oil (whisk, then combine w/dry ingredients)


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