Semi Charmed Life

Our kiddos had a pretty rockin’ Halloween this year:

Harvest Night at Awanas Wednesday…

an enormous Halloweeny package in the mail from Auntie on Thursday…

goodies gallore, courtesty of a particularly thoughtful auntie

after-school trick-or-treating down Main Street on Friday…

medusa, psy, & mermaid

and pumpkin patch, carving, and trick-or-treating with Daddy (I stay home and pass out candy) on the 31st.

my pumpkins
remnants of the destroyed corn maze that local bears pillaged. seriously.

first time carver
watch out, she’ll turn you to stone
as his pop hero
trick-or-treating in style
pinterest hack for scaley mermaid makeup
hashtag homeschool


best daddy ever

Sorting and graphing their spoils, Tootsie Rolls emerged the clear victor. It’s shocking how much candy three cute kids can collect in an hour.

FullSizeRender (8)



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