I don’t have much to say this week (I’ll explain later), so I’ll just play catch-up with my most recent iPhone pics, then bid you all adieu.

finally getting our fence installed

manatees! (click pic for link)
iowa testing for the girly-girls (aka see how awful a teacher your mom is testing)
pledge of allegiance
they’re totally our kids– they actually loved it!
garfield gump asleep in the bunny stroller
sneaky elves welcoming back our friends/former neighbors & their new daughter home from china

she’s up to four voles nabbed so far this spring, garfield twelve
garfield gump weasley white
minerva mcgonagall, the Swedish black
taking the cat and bunnies for a stroll, as one does
simulating the digestion of food in the stomach
snuck away overnight (first time since moving to montana!) with hubs for his bday, much thanks & praise to our amazing next-door neighbors who kept our offspring
where’s waldo [husband]?
bday boy
earth day trash pickup effort

awesome neighbors. noteworthy finds: creepy bag o’ hair, can of spray paint, and severed deer leg/hoof
a right proper gentleman, even whilst sleeping
firstborn purchased this hoop herself w bday money
when your next-door-neighbor is a legit rockstar, even underage groupies can dance in a bar

fanastic mr. fox
flute concert



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