A Virtual Birthday/LAN Party

Virtually every Pinterest Mom has thrown a Minecraft-themed birthday by now. As always, I’m the last one to the party– pun intended.

Still, what Firstborn wants Firstborn gets, (I jest.) and, along with an admirable birthday wish, Firstborn wanted a Minecraft birthday this year– her eleventh.

requisite minecraft themed treats
firstborn did all her own decorating

What made her take on it unique was how she enjoyed festivities alongside friends both near and far…

shout out to mr. party printables on etsy (click pic for link)

The perks of marrying a smarty-pants computer genius are seemingly never ceasing: Handsome Husband set up a  LAN[local area network] party here at home where Montana pals gamed the night away in person, while Oregon chums logged in online to play along, virtually, as well.

oregon friends logged in remotely

Yes, Husband does have that many computers laying around. One monitor was connected to my laptop, another to Husband’s, two others belong to the girls. We all have our hobbies… I’d rather it be electronics in his man-cave than a yard full of car engines. And, hey, it pays the mortgage!

Mercifully simple, I mentioned to Hubs that we seem to have turned a party-hosting corner: No activities planned apart from gaming, minimal parental involvement (Husband set up the electronics & I set out snacks, then we let the kiddos be); Firstborn did the bulk of the decorating, including the easiest cake on the planet (you’ll recall I’m not a baker). Blissfully simple, yet not at all unspecial– Cruise Director not required.

customized a plain white costco sheet cake
nether portal & spiders courtesy of leftover streamers from center sister’s last birthday

Neglecting my own advice, I dropped $45 on goodie bags, because apparently I should never be left unattended in a craft store.

Two truths and a lie: 1) These kids are growing uber fast. 2) Unlike Husband, I abhor video games save for Tetris, Pacman, and Minecraft. 3) Video games are just for boys.

(If you can’t determine which is the lie, take another peek at my girls’ shirts.)

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