Kimchi Continued (a Full of Days guest post)

We consume a primarily Asian diet here in the White house, though contrary to popular belief it’s not because we have a Chinese son. Ironically, Little Man is the sole member of the household who has yet to master chopsticks.

We love sushi. Pho is our phavorite. Bulgogi bibimbap, curries, and stir-fry are on regular rotation. When persistent eczema forced Little Man to give up gluten it really wasn’t a hardship because rice tends to be our main carbohydrate.

We’re also fans of kimchi, and recently Handsome Husband took to fermenting his own. This summer we allocated prime garden real-estate to grow the essential ingredients (though our carrots weren’t quite ready for this batch), and today we’re sharing the full recipe over at our favorite wellness blog, Full of Days, in a guest post.

If these photos are any enticement then head on over to Full of Days for the embarrassingly simple step by step instructions