LA Confidential

Continued from the post about our visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I’m sharing vacation pics from arguably the nerdiest Los Angeles trip in modern history:

We patroned the original Renaissance Faire where our new friend braids hair for all the lovely maidens in attendance. Fun was had, colossal roasted turkey legs consumed, and Ye Olde English spoken… it was like Comic-Con for the Middle Ages, and my heart broke a bit to not be in costume. (I heart dress-up.)

so elizabethian

We checked out the retired but still impressive Endeavor space shuttle at the California Science Center.

also enjoyed the aquatic animals who reside there

La Brea Tar Pits, which literally translates to “the tar tar pits”, was on our bucket list– a geothermal landmark to geek out over if you’re so inclined, like m’self.

methane bubbles surfacing from the oil

Popped back over to Hollywood to visit some favorites…

“i am a-singing at the parrrrrty”
was stoked to see his hero yao ming, until we backed away to snap the pic

grauman’s chinese theater, where little man proudly proclaimed, “oh! i chinese!”

Ocean beaches for the mermaid…

huntington beach

newport beach

obligatory in-n-out photo

And the rest of the (non-wizarding) pics from Universal Studios…

the only characters little man would go near

simpsons land

good thing little man wore his astronaut panda shirt

Honorable mentions: The Griffith Observatory (which we were only able to drive by several times as the parking lot was crowded to overflowing), Koreatown (wherein Little Man was asleep and thusly unable to procure the anime haircut I’d hoped for), outstanding non-landlocked sushi, and authentic Mexican soft tacos.

It was a barrel of laughs, and even a skosh educational. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to adventure.


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