As For Me and My House, We Will Dress Up

In our house we sport head-to-toe green on St. Patty’s Day. We make sure to always don red, pink, or ideally both simultaneously, on Valentine’s. I send the kiddos back to their closets to try again if they’re not proudly emblazoned in red, white, and blue come Independence Day.

To Husband’s chagrin we rock costumes each Halloween, and one Thanksgiving I dressed our kids as pilgrims. When we host birthdays there is often a coordinating dress code, becauseI love dress-up.

fire marshall bill off to speech therapy this week

Dress-up is either my true love language or spiritual gifting. I love themes, I love projects, I love friendly competition. I suppose dress-up is a natural extension of those loves?

when my girlfriend scored free tickets to the broadway production of flashdance i insisted we outfit ourselves accordingly

Color me delighted that my kids have regular dress-up nights at Awanas!

tropical island (aka negligent parent) day
pajama day! couldn’t convince the girls to sport mud masks
bible character dressup night (elijah, noah, daniel)

Awanas is amazeballs– the volunteers who run it pour SO MUCH into Wednesday nights, routinely sacrificing dinner and a chill evening to share the love of Jesus with children (not to mention bless weary, bleary-eyed parents with two hours of much-appreciated respite). Regular, super-fun themed dress-up nights? Frosting on the cake.

Career night: “I want to be a ____ when I grow up.”

marine biologist (specializing in manatee rehab)
nurse midwife (ala ‘call the midwives’)
software engineer (just like daddy!)

Dressup is a normal part of our homeschool day. My pupils typically complete their studies in pajamas, prairie bonnets, capes, or mermaid tails. Batman made a very solemn appearance in the schoolroom just yesterday.

In my eyes, dress-up is less about my children pretending to be something they’re not, and more about creatively expressing themselves and believing they can be anything they aspire to be. And that’s something I can get behind.

As for me and my house, we will dress up.