Life in Season, a book review

Once upon a time, I was a brand-new baby Christian nervously attending church solo while my husband was deployed overseas. Amongst the sea of faces I met a sweet, gregarious gal who went out of her way to make me feel welcome. I soon became a regular attendee of the same small community group wherein we shared the same season of life, and I watched her continue to extend herself to newcomers and veterans alike in warm welcome.

Years later, that same gregarious gal and her sister started an online community to provide a place of belonging for women in all seasons of life. I became a faithful follower and one day entered a drawing they were hosting. Wouldn’t you know, I won a whirlwind trip to New York City to hob-nob alongside that gregarious gal with Food Network celebrities. During that fancy-pants trip we confided in each other in the backseat of a classic yellow taxicab: Me of my longing to adopt (she is also an adoptive mama), she of her dream of publishing a book.

You already know our adoption story, but today I’m thrilled to share with you the fruit of that gregarious gal’s tenacious pursuit of her dream: Together with her sister, she’s just released her first (though I would wager NOT her last) book. A collection of inspiring snip-its from everyday life, readers are encouraged to “celebrate the moments that fill your heart and home”, seeking joy and glorifying God in the midst of each season of life.

Friends, this is an easy read– each entry mercifully brief, yet chock full of truths to ponder as you go about your busy day. It’s a coffee table book to keep handy and refer to time and again for quick “pick-me-up”s. Many of my peers don’t read for pleasure because they lack sufficient time to invest in long-winded prose; Vanessa and Heather have formatted theirs to easily fit betwixt the margins of real life, busy life.

Included are several fun-yet-simple DIY crafts corresponding with each season, photography by the authors themselves. (Also noteworthy are the author images photographed by uber-talented Bestie Valerie. I’m so tremendously proud of her, she deserves this… Kudos, Vanessa and Heather, for linking arms with a local Willamette Valley treasure!)

Sister-authors Vanessa & Heather will begin meeting readers weekly on their blog tomorrow for a virtual book club. Pick up a copy here today (or at Barnes & Noble, if your local branch is smaller like mine you can request they stock it) and plan to join in the fun. I can’t wait for you to experience their warm welcome!


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