A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens aren’t cutting the mustard, these days. I’m a weary homeschool mom grateful for a God who graciously covers a multitude of sins on the reg. In a similar vein as Ann Voskamp’s counting of blessings, the following’s a practical inventory of what’s saving my life these days:

French Cooking Music station on Pandora. We wore the Baroque station right out, so French-obsessed Center Sister discovered this gem of soothing-yet-peppy, non-lyrical tunes that keep our homeschool afloat most days. Fact: I’m simply a better mom/teacher when set to a soundtrack.

note the name & date
a grim discovery in her science workbook

No Drive Days. I’ve shared previously how sometimes our extra-curricular schedule can get away from us, ’til it seems as though we’re never-at-home-schoolers living in the sexy minivan. My favorite days are those in which we don’t have to leave the house at all.

Conversely: Long drives with Husband. I do, however, enjoy a nice meander– a mini-adventure wherein we chart a new course through the Montana countryside– with children fastened securely in their seat belts, Husband captive to talk at to. This last weekend we discovered an old abandoned mining town with remnants of historic buildings still standing.

oh, it’s just this place I live… nbd

The Story— the Bible as one continuing story of God and His people. For our Bible read-aloud time this chronological, novel-form has been a game-changer.

Firstborn’s free online math. Gracious Khan Academy, may the Lord keepeth and blesseth thee, and thine long-suffering, online tutorials, for a thousand generations. Preventeth my daughter from inheriting my mathematical sin-nature. Amen.

Star Trek stamps & pen-pals— checking the mail remains a highlight of our homeschool day. I love sending and receiving mail. The influx of state-themed postcards from our summer project has waned, but we’re still hoping for New Jersey, New Hampshire, Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, and Missouri to complete the kids’ collection. Pass it on!

REM sleep, courtesy of Little Man. Husband’s ingenious chart (coupled with the elimination of gluten from Little Man’s diet) has worked miracles.

Awanas, aka date night. I have a similar fondness for this ministry as I do for Vacation Bible School.

duck duck goose champ

Podcasts: Art of Simple, Ed Snapshots, & Modern Mrs. Darcy, namely. I put my phone in my (dry, empty) bathroom sink to amplify the audio so I can listen whilst showering.

My bathtub, though I’m too vertically challenged to reach the fancy built-in pillow. #hobbitproblems

Chocolate covered cinnamon bears— so spicy you can’t eat but one, plus they freshen breath. I’m not generally into cinnamon candy, but this combo is amazeballs.

click pic for link to order online

My friend’s new book, Life In Season… So good, a go-to handbook for quick encouragement throughout the day.

spotted on the shelves of the barnes & noble in Bozeman! (click pic for link)


Words With Friends, which goes a long way in reminding me I’m not entirely a complete, useless dummy.

Puppy breath. The girls have landed the best gig eva, feeding lunch to and pottying a pair of Great Dane pups each week day.

New electronics the girls purchased with pet-sitting earnings, which I can effectively & calmly leverage with feigned indifference for compliant behavior, pleasant attitudes, and completed schoolwork. Tralala!

Yarn, keeping idle hands content apart from handheld electronics.

My morning cuppa— lately I’ve been making like my much older sister by daily adding whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, albeit not from the bum of a unicorn as is her custom. It makes my heart happy.

What’s saving your lives these days, pray tell?


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