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Today’s Thursday, so naturally I’m throwing it back on the bliggity-blog yet again.

we miss our mimi. with chubbalicious infant Firstborn, who shares her middle name, a few months before she passed.

According to my Timehop app, October’s the month to visit Oregon. Not this October, however; seeing as how we already visited several times over the summer and only just entertained family here. Additionally, the snow has arrived and we’ve begun settling in for the long Montana winter.

Once upon an Oregon October bestie Valerie squeezed us into her busiest month of the year & captured this magical shot in my grandparents’ former donkey pasture. (October : photographers :: April : accountants) As this session’s now 2 years old we are due for another, her talent is worth the 1000 mile round-trip alone. (click pic for link to her site)


The girls have gone yarn-crazy. Both can knit and crochet– I can do neither. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from being Teacher.

We’ve continued the girls’ study of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems in anatomy, and I might’ve taken things a hair too far when I volunteered to give blood for the sake of a visual aid.

firstborn was horrified, center sister fascinated (her gaze fixed at the bag of my type-A blood)

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