Settling In



We are completely unpacked; our vehicles are parked snug in the garage.

Hurray for type-A personalities!

pay no nevermind to that filthy minivan

This evening, Husband hung window coverings throughout the house, so we wouldn’t have to low-crawl from the shower to the closet anymore. Sorry for all of the nudity, new neighbors!

shopping for blinds

We’ve already scratched our wood floors, installed a cat door into the garage, and flipped on the gas fireplace.

FullSizeRender4I’m still working out the optimal dish positioning for the new dishwasher– which is kind of my jam. I once won a glamorous trip to New York City, along with a fancy new LG dishwasher, for sharing my dishwasher loading style on another blog. If you help load my dishwasher I WILL re-arrange it when you’re not looking.

We love being on a well and septic tank, but it’s a tough learning curve… we’ve learned the disposal in the kitchen sink is really just for looks, and our freshly drilled well has left our baths orange from sediment.

the crazy rocky terrain (perks of being near the river), can’t wait to landscape come summer

We are settling in and it’s beginning to feel like home.


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