Dear Kitten,



Have you seen these videos? We can’t get enough of them in our house.

Lest our Alpha Kitty, Mao, feel usurped by our newest addition, I thought I would give her a bit of public praise today…

spying on sassy, asleep in the bunny stroller

The fearsome huntress’ season tally is currently standing at: 18 voles, 5 birds, and one giant grasshopper– that we know about. She delivers her victims to us IN the house, gifts in various states of animation… sometimes still quite spry, we get to frantically catch and release them. Other times they are bleeding out onto our new carpet. Mostly they are dead as a doornail and quietly plopped at our feet. Fun times.

#18 was deposited in our pantry– you know, logically where we humans keep the food

We are confident that she and Sassy will become the best of friends, and imagine that –like the senior cat in video– Mao will soon take the kitten under her wing paw and instruct her in the art of catdom.

FullSizeRender (3)

Shout out to Taylor Swift for making it socially acceptable to be a Crazy Cat Lady.


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