Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World – a book review

Following on the heels of the season of thanks, and with a generous helping of conviction, I’m reviewing a book about instilling an attitude of gratitude in our children…

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we had a lovely holiday; celebrating, simply, with dear friends/former neighbors who’ve become our surrogate extended family here in Montana.

We have much to be thankful for.


Kristen Welch, blogger of We Are THAT Family fame, author of Rhinestone Jesus, has gone and done it again.

I’m only a short way into her latest book, but the message encouraging parents to swim counter-cultural to the current of self-indulgent materialism and entitlement is forcing me to acknowledge, anew, the log in my proverbial eye. It’s startling how swiftly and subtly the trappings of the world creep back into our lives when we are not diligently working to weed them out.

It’s release is timely, with Christmas just around the corner. You can pre-order her book now, and receive along with it some awesome bonuses that you don’t want to miss.

Below, some compelling quotes from her book:




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  1. You’ll dig it, Kelsey, I promise!

  2. Such a great reminder, especially from Black Friday to Christmas Eve…we can be so forgetful what this season is really about! Sounds like a book to add to “the list”!

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