A Homespun Halloween

Seeing as how we are unabashedly fanatical about dressup, our kiddos had more costumes changes this Halloween than Will Ferrell on a Saturday night in the 1990’s. Some pics of our very home-spun Halloween festivities:

harvest party at Awana (doe, a deer– a female deer; farmer; cat)
her homemade “girlie antlers”
little bat-man en route to preschool (I later borrowed this cape & mask to pass out candy while Husband took the kiddos around the subdivision)

Because we are nerdy bookworms, and 2016 has been the year of Potter

hogwarts crew en route to meet up with pals on main street
hermione & crookshanks
employed the use of overnight braids & this cancer-spray for her trademark bushy hair… couldn’t believe they still make it! #1989called
quirky & free-spirited luna lovegood, complete with dirigible plum earrings & spectrespecs
the chosen one, with his firebolt (sporting my cardigan for house robes & the back side of the .99c thrift store tie that big sis gryffindoor’d)
bonus: the kiddos convinced me to dress up last minute, we threw together a pretty legit “crazy cat lady” ensemble
girls changed again to trick-or-treat our ‘hood with daddy, firstborn rocking my retired cheer uniform
counting/sorting, tootsie rolls the clear victor for the second year running
swiped all the lolli’s for an emergency car stash
dumped all m&m’s into a mason jar for my desk, they’re so pretty!


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