My Funny Valentine(s)

Center Sister, our resident Calendar Girl, counts down to each and every holiday.

“teach us to number our days…” psalm 90:12
crafting valentines for their homeschool chums
valentine library haul

We always try to incorporate some education into the festivities.

best book on the christian martyr we have found

The girls dipped a near bushel of strawberries in chocolate for their 4-H bake sale, since I’m not a baker.

my very favorite food

the sale was set up at a thrilling ‘sweetheart’ barrel race

Forgoing a babysitter, Handsome Husband treated the entire fam to a Valentine’s date.

you know it’s a holiday when mom allows pop tarts AND red food dye at breakfast
world market, ftw
again, not a baker #thankscostco
sweet pals sent a generous box of (trader joes!) treats
garfield gump was touched by the thoughtfulness

Both kitties were feeling the love. (Firstborn made the meme.)