Nana Montana



Spring Break came early in the White house, this year, when Nana flew in for an impromptu visit.

Homeschooling perk #792: We shelved our studies (save for reading & writing– nana only missed one 6th grade spelling word on test day) and instead partook of a brief staycation.

taking the guinea pigs for a wintery walk, as one does

She came for one last stay before we move back to Oregon— to see the girls perform in the Wizard of Oz, celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, and daily wrestle me for control of the kitchen with repeated threats of “crafts and baking“. Truth be told, it was a leisurely week of lunching, shopping, Netflix binging, and general indulgence.

little man did not get polish

the hot springs visit wherein she forbade me from photographing her in the unfortunate “bumble bee” swimsuit I lent her

We weren’t the only ones who enjoyed Nana’s visit, Garfield & Mao seemed convinced she was feline– but who could blame them, what with her cat-eye glasses and fuzzy, animal-print jammies?


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