Be Mine

We had a wonderfully simple and homespun Saint Valentine’s Day celebration this year. The kiddos sent out fun, right-brained Valentines to a few of their pen-pals, and received some back in return.

My mom (in town to see the girls’ production of the Wizard of Oz) charged the kiddos with preparing & serving a romantic, pink fancy dinner and treats on our wedding china…

… which was terrific because this is about where I was at:

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without screening this classic Peanuts compilation, which we borrowed again from the library.

In past years Husband and I have gone all out, employing baby-sitters, dressing up and partaking of fancy dinners out with jewelry, flowers, and spa treatments. Nana offered as much, but sometimes a weary homeschool mama just prefers a quiet uncomplicated evening in with the entire crew. How did you celebrate?

my throwback & forever valentine, circa 2003

Survivor’s Guilt

Adoptive Family Camp


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