What To Read Wednesday: F is for FOREST

I’m super stoked to be joining four lovely like-minded ladies in hosting a weekly book-wormy blog party: What To Read Wednesday. Homeschooling mamas aiming to encourage young readers while simultaneously expanding our libraries one book recommendation at a time– like a modern Reading Rainbow! take a look, it’s in a book…

This week, my first with the gals, we’re focusing on FOREST themed literature. It seems almost poetic to be sharing about the forest as my family prepares to move back to the land of towering conifers and misty, fern-carpeted, moss-laden deciduous rain-forest (Oregon). It also coincides perfectly with the fun Blogging Through the Alphabet series where we’re currently on the letter F… This week, F is for Forest.

Favorite Foresty F(ph)otograph
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I took the forest for granted growing up in Oregon, much in the same way I take the breathtaking view of the surrounding rocky mountains for granted here in Montana now. Going back to my literal and figurative roots, my favorite forest-y book was actually my much older sister’s, though on occasion she’d permit me to peruse the pages. In anticipation of this post I ordered myself a copy on Amazon (though it’s now sadly out of circulation, there are used copies for available) to share with the kidlets.

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Lily of the Forest is forever my pick for fabulous Forest-lit, ripe with towering trees, an enviable treehouse, and a bounty of friendly woodland critters. I also scooped up a few others from the library. What are your favorite foresty books?

genesis of my treehouse obsession

And now for the link up!

Our hosts will still share a themed selection of our favorite books each week.

If you’d like to join us as a co-host for What to Read Wednesday, please contact Anne.

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This list has our book themes, but you don’t have to stick to that to link up–any family-friendly posts are welcome. So, come on! Join in the fun!

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