2017 Oscar Picks

The Oscars are tonight, the Oscars are tonight! I don’t even care how trivial it truly is, I love me some Academy Awards.

Actually, we just love movies, in general. The girls and I are counting down to the remake of Beauty and the Beast starring our favorite muggle-born heroine, Emma Watson. Husband recently took Little Man to see The Lego Batman Movie (to redeem his first theater experience, wherein he sadly fell asleep half-way through Rouge One) which was basically a conglomerate of his two current favorites melded into one colorful film. (Lame mom alert: I didn’t realize ahead of time that adoption was a main theme in the storyline.)

couldn’t resist this quick photo-op before the lego batman movie <3

We have seen almost every film nominated again this year, the following are my selections/predictions for winners:

Best Picture– La La Land. A delightful film that basically celebrates everything the Oscars stand for, I don’t think the academy will be able to resist. Arrival was incredible; I didn’t care for the storyline of Fences at all, and it really was better suited for the theater; Hacksaw Ridge was also very good (love a true story); Hell or High Water was surprisingly SO good; Hidden Figures was of course wonderful and tremendously inspiring, especially for my daughters; Lion OBVIOUSLY was especially touching to me, an adoptive mom– cue the ugly cry. Should be mandatory for all adoptive parents to watch. Manchester By the Sea was also a tearjerker, though well done; Moonlight is the only one Husband and I didn’t see.

Best Actor– Denzel Washington. Though I found his character in Fences to be positively heinous (I actually walked out of the film), his portrayal was outstandingly convincing. How neat for him to be able to reprise his stage role for the big screen! Honorarble mention to my man Aragorn Viggo Mortensen for his fantastic homesteading, homeschooling dad role in perhaps my favorite film of the year, Captain Fantastic.

Best Actress– Meryl Streep. Florence Foster Jenkins had my sister, mom, and me positively cackling and snorting aloud, in stitches. I don’t think anyone else could have pulled off the role. I wondered if I wasn’t as taken by Natalie Portman’s performance of Jackie O. because I didn’t grow up watching the real Jackie like my folks did… I was never unaware that it was actually Padme Amidala the entire time. I confess I didn’t see Elle or Loving yet.

Best Supporting Actor– Jeff Bridges. I just love him. And not just because he lives nearby, here in Montana. He’s a master. Again, I didn’t see Moonlight, nor Nocturnal Animals.

Best Supporting Actress– Viola Davis. Again, didn’t love Fences, but she was amazing. Caveat: Didn’t see Moonlight.

Are you planning to watch the awards ceremony? Who are you rooting for?

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