Travel Like a Pro (book review)

Though I’m certainly no globe-trotter, I’m still quite passionate about travel.

I hope to expose our children to as much of God’s creation as possible. To rouse in them an appreciation for His majesty, creativity, and care.

More than ecology or topography, I desire for them to experience humanity— as we are all so varied, yet each made in His image, every unique person we encounter surely reveals more of His nature; His likeness, character.

As we do, slowly, tick destinations off the ol’ bucket list, the queue inevitably gets longer instead of shorter. In short, the more I see of the world, the more of the world I long to see.

Mish and Rob are pretty much my heroes, the coolest cats. They’re living my dream, traveling the world full time– except minus the crazy kids.

Had we been smart, Husband and I would have tried our hand at their ambitious lifestyle 15 years ago… except, there weren’t really blogs back then. Or wifi. Nor social media. And we had to finish a little thing called college (alex) and pay for it with a bustling real-estate career (mia), and of course there was that unfortunate hiccup in our timeline that was the Iraq war (alex), but I digress…

Back to the Slades: Web entrepreneurs and writers who wander the globe fulltime, they fancy themselves Digital Nomads. I follow their inspiring blog, traveling along with them vicariously through their brilliant photography and online journals; you can imagine my recent delight at the opportunity to review an advanced copy of their new book, Travel Like A Pro, Road Tested Tips for Digital Nomads and Frequent Travelers.

In our recent correspondence I fear I came off a bit over-the-top, the stereotypical forward American to their proper, polished Brit. I may have invited them to come stay with us in Montana… and use our van and annual pass to tour Jellystone, and I would cook for them, and we would play board games, and hike, and sing songs around the fire-pit, and I would tell them about Jesus, and we would become instant best friends… Yeah, I’m cool like that. You should see me play poker.

Here is my official summation of their most recent work:

Perhaps a more fitting title might have been, “The Traveler’s Bible”… This invaluable resource is ripe with tried and true tricks of the nomadic trade; a seemingly exhaustive handbook containing everything one needs to know to embark on their own wandering.
Equal parts information and inspiration, Mish & Rob generously pass on well-worn tips that their ambitious lifestyle has afforded them: From practicalities such as what to pack, to clever airport shortcuts, they will inadvertently excite in you a spirit of adventure.
Live vicariously through their travels, or set out and put their advice to use. Keep your copy on your person and explore your world.
Thank you, Mish, for the reminder that the world really is y[our] oyster!

Did I mention it’s only .99c for a Kindle edition?? Get it, y’all.


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