State of the Homeschool Address

School-life is so much more peaceful now, since streamlining the kids’ extra-curricular activities… even homeschoolers fall prey to the frenetic “more is more” hustle, sometimes. We all just want the best for our kids, and mom-guilt is a real thing, y’all.

Firstborn hopes to attend full-time traditional school for sixth grade next fall, and I’ve frankly been so consumed with preparing her for the transition that I almost lost sight of the fact that we are still currently homeschooling. Things got a bit crazed, and we just weren’t enjoying what might very well be her last year of school at home.

Some recent homeschool highlights:


countryside safari
new favorite card game for our greek-lovin’ girls, simple strategy and math

center sister & little man have gone into business together
don’t forget a donation for the firemen (?)
had the uncanny sense someone was watching me, glanced over my shoulder and she dead-pans, “can i get you anything?” ala april ludgate


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