Summer Lovin’

Living in Montana- where nine months of the year everything is tucked in snug under a thick blanket of snow– we make the most of our summers. Summer is a much anticipated season to relish, and we are blessed to have so many opportunities for adventure within a twenty minute radius of our suburban home.

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Even if we don’t leave our property, adventure always seems to find us. Several days a week, I send Handsome Husband to work in my Sexy Minivan… since I refuse can’t won’t drive his massive, manual transmission retro Montana rig, it ensures we stay put for the day.


In summer, our backyard becomes our family room– where chickens amble, clothing is optional, the sprinkler runs on repeat, freshly laundered cloth diapers dry in the sunshine, and popsicles make a perfectly acceptable breakfast. (Before you call social services, please know I buy the all fruit variety or make my own.)


Though our days are full of adventure, when summer arrived we just naturally continued our home-school routine, morphing into a year-round schedule. Because we’re home anyway, and because we honestly enjoy it so much, we just kept at it. I’m praying since there won’t be much of a lapse in curriculum, we won’t have the uphill battle getting going that we endured last fall. Consistency, continuity, has never been so important in our home as it is now, with Little Man here. We are all looking forward to another school year together.





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