Sweet Sorrow

For the first time since we’ve been a family of five, I left Little Man’s side today. Though it required my peeling him off like Velcro, it was harder for me than it was for him.

It was all for a good cause– celebrating our first-born’s ninth birthday with her two dearest friends (and Best Friend Sister) by partaking  of “a few of [her] favorite things”.

In our absence, Little Man and Daddy had a splendid time doing “Man Stuff.” I haven’t the slightest what this means.

photo (77)

Though our parting was indeed sorrowful, it was beneficial for him to have one-on-one time with Daddy– and equally valuable for him to see me return, hours later.

Have I mentioned how proud I am to be mother of my Biggest Little One? Not only is she an amazing little girl blossoming into an amazing young lady, but she has impressed me, anew, with her patient attentiveness and cheerfully helpful disposition since her new brother joined our ranks.

Besides the obvious excuse of cocooning with New Brother, I shared here why we opted not to host our usual blowout birthday bash for her this year, celebrating instead a tad unconventionally.

photo 1 (16)
the best way to commence ANY good day– Starbucks
photo 3 (15)
then manicures
photo 4 (7)
they all loved it, and her sweet friend accidentally referred to her CUTICLES as TESTICLES
photo 1 (15)
the birthday girl is the one rocking the green accent nails, ala “Miss Lacey”
photo 2 (14)
cruising the mall… soon enough these sweet girls will walk the halls sans parents as teens, stroll their babies as young moms, and power walk in sneakers as empty nesters
photo 4 (6)
Fuddruckers, for a little lunch…
photo 5 (3)
… and a lot of games

photo 3 (14)

photo 1 (14)
catching a matinee
photo 2 (13)
finished with frozen yogurt- aka heaps of candy

photo 3 (13)


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