Talented Friends


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I have some crazy talented friends…

Jen is undoubtedly the most articulate and witty human I know. Christy is a resourceful tinker fairy. Kelsey and Kristin are my homeschooling heroes. Carly has both fashion and musical prowess that rivals Liberace. Nicole can bake anyone under the table. Suzie is the craftiest. Elissa is the Queen of Green. Janna is a hair-styling wizard. Kelly is a retired massage therapist and I like to brag that she’s the best I ever had. Courtney is A DOCTOR, for Pete’s sake.

And Valerie has the astounding ability to freeze time. She’s an exceptionally talented photographer, and what she captures on film never ceases to move me to tears. I was beyond grateful when she squeezed our littles into her calendar during our recent Oregon visit, though in the peak of her busiest season.


We’ve actually been friends since high-school.

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sweet 16

She not only donated a session to help bring Little Man home, but has donated similarly to benefit numerous other fundraisers/causes. When my sister’s house burned to the ground, she swiftly and quietly replaced every photograph she lost in the fire, and brought over several bags full of new clothes for her entire family. She helped plan and execute a surprise birthday bash for my 30th. She’s talented, compassionate, AND generous– and I am selfishly thrilled to have finally gotten Little Man in front of her camera lens.

The following’s a little trip down Valerie Hibler Photography lane; these photographs of my babies are some of my most cherished earthly possessions:






How blessed I am by her friendship AND her talent! Thanks again, V!


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