Thankfulness: Homeschool Edition (a exercise in gratitude)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, my girls are sharing a bit of gratitude today– specific to homeschooling.

Counting one’s blessings is a healthy exercise that never hurt anybody, especially as my pupils have been prone to grumble of late.

Firstborn says:

We don’t need a pass to go to the bathroom. ((snort!)) Must’ve learned of this from a book.

Sometimes we get to play video games.

three player tetris must be educational, somehow

I can play in the snow and ice skate a lot.

I have time to write letters to pen pals. Sometimes we also mail them funny treats, like seasoned crickets.

cousins munching crickets

I get to play with our pets during the day.

I’m able to pet-sit for neighbors & earn money.

walking our bunnies to the neighbor pups

I have lots of free time and can crotchet & knit.

I get time for choir, 4-H, Awana, and gymnastics.

I can eat candy all the time. (what?!)

I get to sleep in.

We go shopping a lot.

You can wear what you want, no uniform.

Lots of time for costumes and dress-up.

No “freezing our butts off” waiting for the school bus.

Center Sister chimes in:

We watch a lot of movies.

We have, like, 80 recesses.

We go on lots of field trips.

I would feel trapped in a desk all day.

Mom helps me in math.

I can wear pajamas all day.

… or makeup.

sorting lip gloss, as one does

We play games a lot.

We learn about things we like.

I like learning about science & stuff.

Mom’s an awesome teacher. awwww

As for me, I’m grateful for more time with my ever-growing critters. I get a front-row seat to their learning, and frankly learn an embarrassing amount right alongside them. I appreciate being able to tailor their education around their passions, gifts, and learning styles, and to do so on our own timeline. I’m thankful Handsome Husband works hard so we can make the sacrifice. We are grateful to homeschool.


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