When I Grow Up…

Another day, another costume… the kids’ latest dress-up opportunity came today, courtesy of Awana. The leaders posed the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and encouraged the kiddos to dress the part. THIS is my jam.

Firstborn still aspires to work with manatees, as a marine biologist/oceanographer. Jacques Cousteau her logical hero, she dressed in his honor, or in the spirit of Steve Zissou.

the life aquatic

wes anderson for the win

Center Sister plans to be a mermaid, but this year she also added lifeguarding to her repertoire (one might as well be a helper whilst swimming the seven seas)– she does have gills, after all. We cut up one of her old t-shirts and painted on a cross. She’s also sporting my old cheerleading shorts & jacket from the ’90’s.

the marker gills she applies daily now

Little Man informed us he wants to be “a Daddy”… and our hearts promptly melted to mush. We shouldn’t have been too surprised, as last year he basically said the same— claiming Handsome Husband’s vocation (software engineer). I adore how this year he focused on a different role of his incredible Daddy’s.

hipster daddy

We love dress-up, and we love that we can incorporate it into our homeschool on the regular.

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