The Drop Box, Etc.

Husband and I went on a much-needed date last night. Actually doing my hair and makeup is notable enough, these days, to document with a (gasp!) selfie– though I’m not sure why I bothered with mascara…


We escaped to the theater to screen the highly anticipated film, The Drop Box; a touching documentary detailing the important work of one man in Korea who is saving approximately a baby a day with his anonymous baby hatch.

Watching me get ready, Silly Center Sister decided she also needed to get gussied up.


Encouraged by my obvious delight in her antics, she proceeded to follow me around, debuting more wardrobe (and coordinating persona) changes than J-Lo at an awards show. And some wonder why we call her Goose.

Back to the film, it was beautiful, yet hard to watch. The issue of babies being abandonded in the streets is obviously not unique to South Korea. It is common practice in China; this is our son’s story.

Opposing regulations have created a virtual catch-22: Most families are not allowed to have more than one child. Many families do not have access to affordable healthcare, as the cost of living is outrageous and medical bills are due to paid in full, out of pocket, before patients are seen. It is illegal to relinquish a child, to place them up for adoption. There are no safe havens at fire stations or hospitals.

Should a second child, or child with a life-threatening special need, be born, what is a family to do? Unable to safely relinquish their child, desperate parents often leave them in a public place were they hope to be swiftly discovered and then taken to the authorities for protection and care. Children such as these are so common there is a name for them– Foundlings. As detailed in The Drop Box*, it can be a life or death battle against the elements to discover such babies in time before they succumb to their ailments, the cold, or hunger.

I’ll confess that our son is so well-adjusted, fits so seamlessly in to our family, our love for him so genuine, that I oft forget these were his origins. It is a sobering, heartbreaking reality to know that simply because of where I was born I can enjoy the privilege of mothering these three amazing and beautiful children.

exploring our new digs
delighted to find their first antler shed from a young buck
pretty sure we’re the only people in montana who enjoy these prolific little prairie dogs that scamp all over our property
yes, neighbors, i am letting the kids feed them
we could have reached down and pet this guy, but we didn’t feel like rabies that day. he’s hiding his face from us.
mao also loves prairie dogs

“my buddy and me”
math picnic
the friendly beagle from a nearby home that i’m considering stealing, because BEAGLE.

The kids enjoyed our recent impromptu Suess-day. We used these simple free printables to glean more from our reading binge-fest. Especially since most in our house can recite each book ver batem without even looking.

*The Drop Box will only be shown in theaters for two more days, tonight and tomorrow. Please get out and support this worthwhile film.


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