The (real e)State of Things



The summer before middle school, I moved with my mom into one of the first homes built in a new subdivision. Our house was surrounded by bare lots, for-sale signs, a constant flux of construction crews, and homes in various phases of completion. Without invitation, I helped myself to a tour of every interior after each house was framed– snooping within that magical window where floorplans came to life via sheetrock, but pesky hurdles like doors and locks had yet to be installed. Perhaps a strange way for an awkward junior-higher to amuse herself, in hindsight it seems providential as I still truly enjoy showing and touring homes nearly two decades into my real estate career.

With interest rates holding steady at historic lows, the market’s still hoppin’ and my work calendar remains pretty full. I fit appointments betwixt homeschool and sports with the encouragement of a supportive partner who also happens to work from home and is always game to either tag along or hold down the fort in my absence.

It takes a village to sell houses:


Critters spied at showings:

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